Urban Agriculture

As part of the city’s Urban Resiliency initiative, Lexden Capital proposes to build a sustainable Controlled Environment Agriculture Hydroponic Greenhouse (CEAHG) food production complex on a property in the City’s North End neighborhood. The objective is to deploy state-of-the art technology and build leading edge infrastructure to produce year-round, a consistent supply of high quality, fresh and locally grown produce and to position Newport as a national model for urban food production innovation and resiliency.

The proposed project reduces city vulnerability by ensuring that the basic need for fresh, high quality, and safe food is met year-round. And it drives environmental stewardship through green processes and minimal use of resources, while boosting economic development through the creation of stable, full time jobs.

The two-level hydroponic greenhouse will produce over 750,000 lbs. of fresh leafy greens annually and about 3 million units of fresh head lettuce for distribution to local markets in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New York. The facility will provide employee training and skills upgrading, and will have an active R&D testing program to continuously improve quality and bring new varieties to market.

The facility is projected to create 30 permanent full time jobs for residents and 100+ construction jobs for the duration of the build-out.