Innovation District and Pell Bridge

Newport, Rhode Island is announcing the development of the Newport Resilience Innovation District (District) which will serve as a national model for integrated resilience.  The District will bring together applied research and development (R/D), technology commercialization transfer and service centers that will focus on:

  • applied oceanographic research
  • defense/cyber applications
  • environmental technology
  • alternative energy
  • green infrastructure
  • meta data industries
  • community resilience

Within the various sectors, there will be associated training and job creation centers in the District and neighboring areas.  The activity and results created within each will contribute to strengthening Newport’s economy as well as positioning the city in the leadership role as a nationally and globally recognized center of excellence for integrated resilience best practices.

The planned 60+ acres will include land made available from the realignment of the Pell Bridge Ramps and the associated internal road, pedestrian and bike transportation systems.  The Pell Bridge realignment is a lynchpin in the development of the District.   In addition to the realignment, the acquisition of the Newport Navy Hospital property is integral to moving the District to development.  The process of accomplishing this is entering the final stage of suitability between the city and the Department of Navy.  The successful completion of this process, leading to the potential acquisition and inclusion of these 9 acres, will position the District as one of the largest and most underdeveloped waterfront sites in Rhode Island.

Innovate Newport Techworks

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